Miss Renacide Gaming!

My (best) friend over at Renacide Gaming, (co-founder of Gamers Haven News) was in need of a new banner for her YouTube channel!

Now, she’s a multi-talented gal, but she dedicates her channel to badass gaming videos.  She uploads Call of Duty videos, GTA V videos, horror videos, Portal run-throughs. You name it, she plays it! (She also has a wicked Twitch.tv channel that she streams at often!) She doesn’t just play these games, either. She OWNS them. Girl is a beast! (What’s sexier than a girl who’s better at gaming than you are? Nothing. BUT SHE’S MINE SO BACK OFF.)

…..Anyways! I thought I’d make her a new banner that accurately represents her channel. The girl will literally play anything, so there’s always a good variety in your sub box! Go check her out, and take a look at the full size banner on her channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

MissRenacide Gaming

Renacide as gaming characters (left to right) Chell from Portal, Rochelle from L4D, First Person Shooter Soldier, a Minecraft Character



2 thoughts on “Miss Renacide Gaming!

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