Reference Photos are an Artists Savior.

What is your opinion on reference photos being used? Should they be used only for very loose reference, or (as I did) as close and true to the photo as possible? Do you feel like the artist deserves less credit if they used a reference in their work? Perhaps in some forms, but not others? I’d love to hear y’alls opinions on this! I’ve always used reference photos and stocks, but part of me is always shamed because of it, even though I don’t feel that there’s any justified reasoning to that.

I was looking through SenshiStocks deviantART gallery, as I often do, and decided to draw some different girls using some of their poses. I’m really happy with how these came out! It’s so much easier to draw with a reference piece, whether it’s for pose, perspective, features, etc. I think a lot of people still judge artists who use reference photos, but eff that, they’re awesome!


You can find these illustrations at my deviantART Gallery as well, so pop over and leave a comment!


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